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Radical Roadtrips USA

Looking to hire a campervan and cruise the West Coast?! Well here's a bit of inspiration baby! With Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon & San Francisco - the West Coast of America is fucking mental!

Hire a Campervan in LA and live it up baby. The sun is shining, the beer is flowing, it's time to put the pedal to the metal baby.

Not only do we do the best Campervan Hire Deals in Los Angeles - our sexy team of cross dressing monkeys have come up with all sorts of roadtrip ideas. They're rad, they're radical, they're Radical Roadtrips!

Have we convinced you yet? I know I'd be over there in a heart beat if I wasn't broke, depressed, fat and ugly. Book Campervan here.

Buckle up, travellers, because we're about to leap into five mind-bending, soul-stirring road trips that'll make your GPS blush and your heart race.

1. Route 1: "Sunset Sizzle"

From LA to San Diego: This crimson-hued escapade takes you south, chasing sunsets along the Pacific Coast Highway. Picture yourself cruising past palm trees, catching glimpses of surfers riding the waves, and sipping on a frosty beverage at a beachside taco stand. The soundtrack? A mixtape of rebel anthems and surf rock classics. 🌅🌴🎶

Must-See Stops:

  • Long Beach: Channel your inner pirate at the Queen Mary.
  • Ventura: Catch a live band at a dive bar and dance like nobody's watching.
  • Santa Barbara: Stroll the Spanish-style streets and pretend you're a flamenco guitarist.

2. Route 2: "Desert Dustup"

From LA to Las Vegas: Buckle your seatbelt, because this azure adventure leads you through the Mojave Desert. Joshua trees stretch their spiky arms toward the sky, and the neon lights of Vegas beckon like a mischievous grin. Roll the dice, baby! 🎲🌵💫

Must-See Stops:

  • Joshua Tree National Park: Hike among otherworldly rock formations and whisper secrets to the desert winds.
  • Mojave National Preserve: Camp under a star-studded sky and ponder the mysteries of the universe.
  • Las Vegas: Dance with Lady Luck, sip a neon-colored cocktail, and let the desert heat seep into your bones.

3. Route 3: "Canyon Quest"

From LA to the Grand Canyon: Purple reigns supreme on this mystical journey. As you venture east, the landscape transforms into a canvas of reds, oranges, and purples. The Grand Canyon awaits, its ancient walls echoing tales of time and wonder. 🌄🏜️🔮

Must-See Stops:

  • Flagstaff: Sip coffee in a quirky bookstore and chat with stargazers.
  • Grand Canyon: Stand at the edge, heart pounding, and feel the Earth's heartbeat beneath your boots.
  • Sedona: Seek out vortexes, crystals, and maybe even a UFO or two.

4. Route 4: "Heatwave Hustle"

From LA to Death Valley and Back: This tangerine-hued loop takes you through the scorched heart of Death Valley. Embrace the heat, because here, the sun paints the landscape with fiery strokes. It's like driving through a Salvador Dalí fever dream. 🌞🔥🎨

Must-See Stops:

  • Zabriskie Point: Snap photos of the alien-like badlands.
  • Badwater Basin: Walk on the salt flats and contemplate life's vastness.
  • Artist's Palette: Marvel at the rainbow-colored hills—nature's own psychedelic art installation.

5. Route 5: "Coastal Cruise"

From LA to Portland: Green means go, and this verdant voyage hugs the coastline like a secret lover. Wind through misty forests, spot whales breaching in the Pacific, and let the salty air cleanse your soul. 🌊🌲🐋

Must-See Stops:

  • Big Sur: Drive the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge and pen a love letter to the rugged cliffs.
  • San Francisco: Ride a cable car, taste sourdough bread, and lose your heart in the fog.
  • Portland: Embrace the weirdness, sip craft beer, and join a ukulele jam session.

Remember, road rebel, these routes aren't about the destination—they're about the journey. So crank up the tunes, roll down the windows, and let the asphalt guide you toward freedom.

Disclaimer: Wicked Campers is not responsible for spontaneous dance-offs, alien encounters, or existential epiphanies. Drive at your own risk, and may the road be ever radical!


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