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About Wicked Campers Africa

Welcome to Wicked Campers Africa! We are passionate about adventure, freedom, and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Africa. Here’s a little bit about us:

Our Story

Wicked Campers was birthed in the fiery crucible of Australia over two decades ago. A bunch of renegades, fueled by wanderlust and a dash of lunacy, decided to flip the bird to the mundane. They strapped on their aviator goggles, cranked up the tunes, and set forth to conquer the Outback. Their mission? To redefine travel, one spray-painted campervan at a time.

Not being content with just conquering Oz. We hitched our dreams to a comet and hurtled across continents, leaving a trail of tire marks and bewildered kangaroos. From the scorched deserts of Down Under to Africa, Europe, Japan, Chile, North America, and more, we spread the gospel of the road trip.

Our Campervans

Our campervans? They’re not your grandma’s beige box on wheels. No siree! These babies are the love children of Salvador Dalí and a graffiti artist on a caffeine bender. Psychedelic swirls, cosmic cats, and slogans that’d make your granny blush. Our campervans don’t just turn heads; they spin them like a DJ at a rave. You’ll spot us from a mile away, and you’ll wonder, “Is that a campervan or a portal to another dimension?”

But beneath those kaleidoscopic exteriors lies a well-oiled machine. We’ve got comfy beds and kitchenettes to whip up a midnight feast. We stripped away the fluff—the crystal chandeliers, the velvet curtains—and left you with the essentials. Why? Because we’re rebels with a cause: to keep prices low so you can roam farther, dream bigger, and stick it to the man.

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Our Team

At Wicked Campers Africa, we’re not just a rental company; we’re a tribe. A fellowship of oddballs, wanderlusters, and moon-howlers. Need travel tips? We’ve got 'em. Want to know how to fix a flat tire with a shoelace? We’ve got that covered too. And if you just want to swap stories around a campfire, pull up a log—we’ve got marshmallows and conspiracy theories galore. So whether you’re chasing sunsets, chasing your own tail, or chasing that elusive UFO, we’re here for you. Because normal is overrated, and adventure is our middle name.

Road Trip Ethos

At Wicked Campers Africa, we’re not just about wild rides and psychedelic campervans. We’ve got a rebel heart, but we also honor the roads and lands that we visit, so remember:

Leave No Trace, Except Tire Marks We’re like eco-ninjas, slipping through the wilderness without leaving a trace. No litter, no fuss—just the faint scent of adventure in the air. So when you take off in your kaleidoscopic chariot, leave nothing behind.

High-Five the Locals (From a Safe Distance) Respect, my friends, is our secret handshake. Whether you’re trading stories with a Maasai elder or bartering for bananas at a bustling market, be cool. Smile, nod, and learn a few words in the local language. And if you encounter a lion on the prowl, well, that’s a different kind of respect—like, from inside your campervan.

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Ready to ignite your inner outlaw? Contact us today to book your Wicked Campers escapade. Let’s swap stories, chase sunsets, and raise a little hell. Because life’s too short for beige campervans and boring highways. Adventure awaits.

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