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Antelope in the desert

Wicked times in the Namib Desert

We recently teamed up with our buddies at Stomp Surf on a 3,000km Desert odyssey, deep into sandy, desolate Namibia. Picking up the campervan in Capetown was a breeze, getting on the freeway even easier! The only real difficult part of the trip was trying to finish our South African pub dinners, which were basically Porterhouse Steaks the size of a large Chinese circus midget...

Wicked Times in the Namib Desert

Photos by Dr. Rad Loveburger

Driving in South Africa is pretty easy, there's not a great deal of traffic and the roads are all pretty modern and nice. There's the occasional motherfucker elephant or antelope crossing the road when you get to the wild parts and a heap of baboons running around.

I'm a bit of a pussy when it comes to doing anything, so this was an adventure. We basically planned nothing, just grabbed the campervan from Wicked in Capetown and headed north along the South African west coast. It seems like there's not a lot of stuff going on between Capetown and the Namibian border. We stopped in at Lamberts Bay for a surf, before a night in Springbok where we ate about 45kgs of beef each. If you're a vegetarian, then don't go to South Africa.

Crossing the border in Nambia was a breeze. Because we were in a moving colourful billboard (courtesy of Wicked Campers), the officers at Border Control wanted to have a chat. They actually wanted to know why we didn't have any weed on us and promptly asked if they could come surfing with us. It was a very serious affair indeed...

Namibia is a very pretty country, a bit like Australia but even more desolate it would seem. The south-east of the country is basically endless desert dunes resting against the ocean. It's wild, sandy, windy, a little scary and a lot of awesome. If you're after wildlife, then you should really head further inland towards Botswana instead of meandering in the desert.


Men standing beside griffiti art campervan, in front of a giant statue of a hand in the desert under a starry sky, text at the bottom reads '#wickedcampers'

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